Monday Window: 25/9/16

This week it’s spot the window!

Close by my Cyprus home is the village of Lemba, home to the unique Cyprus College of Art.

The founder, Stass Paraskos , a prominent Cypriot artist, together with fellow artists and students decorated the boundary of the college with many avant-garde works, creating a sculpture wall over 25 years.

It’s weird, wacky and completely unexpected if you happen to take a drive past, such fun to see and it makes me want to return to my art roots!

Enjoy this little bit of funkiness in a totally unexpected place and there’s a “window” in every picture except the last,it’s just up to you to find it!

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Version 2

Thursday Doors: 22/9/16

Last week I was back in Oman and spent some time in Muscat. Hot and humid at this time of year, packed into space amidst foothills of the surrounding mountains, nevertheless, the city has great charm.


In the Qurm beach area, white villas with high walls, tree-lined avenues and beautifully designed mosques lead to a glorious beach, heading north towards As Seeb, a fishing town several kilometres north-east of the city.



I came across these rather amazing doors and gates at the entrance to one particularly grand villa.



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♫ Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….Turn and face the strange…♫

It’s been an interesting four months.

Being made redundant in June, 7 months before my planned exit, threw some confusion into my life.

Once the panic of “Oh my god, how do I live ” died away, ( I did try to plan for this rainy day) the reality of looking for another Middle Eastern job, 6 months away from the birthday where they have the right to finish you anyway, made me loath to throw myself into the hunt, competing against sharp smarties half my age.

It took 24 hours to feel just fine about dealing with this change.

Four months later, organising my life into its next phase, I look back and can’t believe I ever worked.

Such was the gift given to me early June.

It’s time to move on, sort my life out for the next stage and take a break from the 9-5.

A summer spent at home in Cyprus, taking care of four and half years of house and garden neglect, now back in Dubai to wait for payments owing and visa cancellation, a new focus on the shell collecting hobby, writing up the findings for future reference for the Arabian region, supported by local groups, more time to be spent in the field, exploring those corners of the big city in the sand which I’ve missed, extending some travel…yes, it’s all good so far.

I’m feeling fit and healthy, life is good, bring it on… ♫


Monday Window: 19/9/16

A slightly “loose” interpretation of window this week, but I’m sure you will agree it was too good to miss.

The only access to Masirah Island, Oman is via ferry and nowadays there is a government service and small local ferries.

On this occasion, I was returning to the mainland port of Shannah on the government service and caught these shots of one of the local ferries as we were manoeuvring into our landing berth.

Good balance is all I can say……


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Monday Window Home

Monday Window Home


Format = 6" (Medium)
Format Margin = Small
Format Border = Sm. Rounded
Drawing = #2 Pencil
Drawing Weight = Medium
Drawing Detail = Medium
Paint = Natural
Paint Lightness = Auto
Paint Intensity = More
Water = Tap Water
Water Edges = Medium
Water Bleed = Average
Brush = Natural Detail
Brush Focus = Everything
Brush Spacing = Narrow
Paper = Watercolor
Paper Texture = Medium
Paper Shading = Light
Options Faces = Enhance Faces

Thursday Doors: 15/9/16

I featured an unusual window in the small Cypriot village of Emba in this Monday Window post. At the same house, the door is worthy of a post, which should have been last week’s offering for Thursday doors, but as I was felled by a nasty summer cold, my Thursday doors didn’t happen.

Here’s the whole building, house, windows and doors. The photographs are edited ( thank you PicMonkey) as the day I went the shadows cast by the early morning sun made it difficult to see the detail.

The design of the house is typical of the Cypriot style from probably the 70’s or 80’s. I suspect it may have been designed for a well-to-do family at that time. The house is just away from the village centre and church, albeit it on the main road through the village.

It’s a fairly fanciful design for those times, the wrought-iron work is just so unusual and I hope it lasts. It doesn’t look promising, so at least I have made a record of this Emba house, part of my Cyprus view for many years.


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