Skywatch Friday: 23/2/17…

There has been NO sky in the UAE to snap this week. The country has been covered in low hanging, sand-filled clouds, no chance to take anything interesting, it’s been a cover of haze all week, so a throwback shot of a Cyprus sunset from January 2017.

Taken from a mountain village down towards the coast, the intense colors of the setting sun are magnified over the sea.



Thursday Doors: Pune, India, streetside, 23/2/17…

Walking around the city streets of Pune, so many interesting doors to frame in my shots.

Streetside catches with some cheerful people happy to smile for my camera.

Much disrepair surrounding the streets, the buildings a throwback from the much earlier days of the city construction, but colorful, chaotic and teeming with life.

Taking part in the Thursday Doors  weekly challenge, hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop on over, click on the blue button and check out some doors worldwide this week…

Blog organisation,tidying up, re-structuring, getting neater. Good intentions…

Last week I had a lovely comment on my blog on a very old post that took me about 10 minutes to find to reply to. ( I read the comment on my mobile WordPress app first, then had to try to remember where it was, forgetting I could just look at comments)

That was the moment I realized I had, a year down the line, let the structure become a bit of a mess.

It was a good post but had sunk to the bottom of the heap.  Continue reading

Skywatch Friday : 17/2/17…

A cloudless sunset, Pune, India…

I know it’s Saturday, a little accident in the desert yesterday prevented me from posting in time, but, better late than never!

In complete contrast to my Pune sunset, here is the UAE desert yesterday, no skies visible, a sandstorm was howling, not a great place to be!


Thursday Doors: Raj Bhavan, Pune, 16/2/17

Last weekend I ended up in Pune, India.

My very first trip to India, sadly only for three days and I now wonder why I hadn’t taken the India plunge far earlier. It’s easier now, with the advent of the Indian e-visa, but travel in India certainly needs some patience. Continue reading

Version 2

Monday Window 6/2/17…

A January trip to Uk took me via Oxford for a little break from the drive west to Bristol, my daughters home.

Last Thursday I featured some of the historic doors in Oxford for my contribution to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors weekly event, but I couldn’t move on from Oxford without adding the windows I found. Continue reading


Thursday Doors, 2/2/17…

On my January UK trip, I made time to visit Oxford and its dreaming spires, for a flying visit.

What an incredible place. I visited many years ago but didn’t respect the architecture then. I was far too young and foolish to appreciate this beautiful town. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful…

There is something special about being out in the desert amidst the graceful sweep of the dunes, the fluid patterns of the sand and the differing delineations as the light changes during the day.

Shot in the sand dunes of the UAE, on the edge of the Empty Quarter, close to the Saudi Border…



Monday Window: 23/1/17

At the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, some interesting contrasts between Victorian windows and the Mughal empire of India. Founded in 1852, the museum has a complex architectural history with piecemeal additions by various prominent architects of the time.  Continue reading

Version 2

Thursday Doors:12/1/17

Oman stories…

Bahla, (Arabic: بهلا‎‎), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site town, located 40 km away from Nizwa, and about 200 km from Oman’s capital Muscat which lies in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of Oman. It is notable as the home of one of the oldest fortress in the country, the 13th century Bahla Fort and for the town’s pottery.

On our November/ December trip to Oman, during the long 10 journey from Duqm to Dubai, I marked Bahla as a stopping point for a break from the endless roads. Continue reading