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Thursday Doors:12/1/17

Oman stories…

Bahla, (Arabic: بهلا‎‎), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site town, located 40 km away from Nizwa, and about 200 km from Oman’s capital Muscat which lies in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of Oman. It is notable as the home of one of the oldest fortress in the country, the 13th century Bahla Fort and for the town’s pottery.

On our November/ December trip to Oman, during the long 10 journey from Duqm to Dubai, I marked Bahla as a stopping point for a break from the endless roads.

Having touched on the outskirts on a previous trip, I knew we had missed the point of Bahla and had to revisit to find the heart of this old, historical fortress town. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a unique place.

Walk with me through the old town, the historical value of the architecture is immense. It’s stunning, but even though it’s a Unesco site, I could see that more funding is needed to maintain this unique and ancient city. I arrived in the hours before sunset and carefully picked my way around the old town over the uneven terrain.

The atmosphere enveloped me, a truly unique place and I hope you enjoy my walk. I still have to re-visit as I didn’t manage to have time to find the potteries.

Please hover over the photographs for the captions to take you through Bahla.

A link for Bahla windows…


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Monday Window: 9/1/17

Today’s window is from the small village of Kelokedara (Greek: Κελοκέδαρα) located around 33km east of the town of Paphos, Cyprus at an altitude of 700 metres between the Pauora mountain and the Xeropotamos valley. Beautiful views from the village and a window in one of the old houses caught just before sunset.


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Thursday Doors: 4/1/17

Just one unusual door from the old town, Paphos, Cyprus this week.

I need new doors for my house here, so I’m starting a project to have some traditional Cypriot doors copied for a porch extension.

This involves hunting down examples and I haven’t managed to get too far with it yet.

Watch this space for next week, I would love some comments from Thursday Door lovers please, once I start my project.

During a quick recce in the old town, I came across this ironwork door, probably from the 1950’s. It’s nice to see it has been kept so well. Often they are in disrepair. I will not be looking at this style for my house, so it’s a little door post of its own for this week as it’s rather cute.



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Monday Window: 2/1/16

Happy New Year to you all.

Home in Cyprus it’s time to search for windows locally. Thunderstorms are making the task a wet one, but I did manage to find a little gem today. Running an errand I ended up defeated by roadworks and tried to find my way out of a village via back streets and came across this tiny Byzantine church with unusual windows, which seems to have been used as a mosque according to the information below.

“The mosque in the village of Timi used to be an old Byzantine church known also as Agia Sofia.

It is single-aisled with two domes.

It is under the protection of the Antiquities Department as are all the mosques that were to be old Byzantine churches and the most significant mosques in the cities.

The walls were covered with frescoes, which were lacerated and destroyed following its conversion into a mosque. Restoration works revealed only isolated fragments, a testimony to the monument’s past.

Source: Muslim places of worship in Cyprus (Published by the Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus)”

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