Monday Window: 23/7/16

A mix of windows and national dress this week…..

Omani male dress is referred to as Omani and women’s is called Omaniya.

An Omani man’s ensemble usually consists of a wrap around the lower part of his body, called a wazar; a full-length garment with long sleeves and a loose fit, called a dishdasha; one of two forms of headdress, either a cap, called a kuma, or a turban called a massar.

The kuma originates in Zanzibar and is believed to be a direct result of Oman’s historical ties to Zanzibar. It is a hand-embroidered cap (buttonhole stitch) made to fit its owner (not free size). What is special about this cap is that it has holes throughout the embroidery work which helps to keep the head cool. The other form of

The other form of headress is a turban called a massar.The massar is an embroidered, wool turban made in Kashmir, India.  The massar can be tied on the head with or without a kuma beneath it. Using a kuma gives it a more structured form but some men in Oman who never wear a kuma also choose not to use one under the massar.

In Salalah’s old quarter, by the souk, I came across a street that is divided into one end of female tailoring shops and closest to the souk, male tailoring shops.

All the male tailor windows seemed to have availed themselves of the same window pictures for advertising their kuma’s and dishdashas….

Kuma shop window in the souk….

Great shop window advertising for Kuma & dishdashas….

And more….

Even a couple of massar in this one….

and a beautiful pose of traditional Omani dress from my guide at the Al Suleif fort near Ibri…..

A window of beautiful Massar, normally woven in Kashmir….

And how the Massar looks when worn….


I have taken the national dress information from a really interesting link . Worth looking at if you are interested in national dress from other countries.

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July: The edible garden

Back in the desert, it’s not easy to find a subject for this month’s garden challenge. Heat and sand all around, not many edible gardens to find.

But last week, on a trip up Wadi Tiwi in Oman, I found a wadi full of date palms and farmers and I reckoned this might just fit…

Wadi Tiwi is a spectacularly deep and narrow gorge carved out of the mountains, running between towering cliffs right down to the sea. About 5km up lies the picturesque village of Harat Bidah and  further up, along nerve-jangling roads with spectacular views, lies the village of Sayma. Date farms seem to be the reason for the existence of these villages. Electricity runs up to Sayma, but life lived here is a long, long way from the coastal plains, both in distance and conditions….

Let me drive you up the wadi to the date farms….



Taking part in Jude’s garden challenge for July- the Edible Garden



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Thursday Doors: 21/7/16

On the way to Masirah island, Oman to catch the ferry at Shannah port, invariably you pass through the small town of Mahout.

A sleepy Omani town, hundreds of kilometres from any other sizeable town, it is a hub for the area. There is an ATM, supermarkets, a weekly morning market, hospital, schools, several garages and as usual, in any Omani small town, lines of businesses along the road, in and out of town.

Usually run-down, needing some freshening up, I found a set of shops which had been painted since my last visit and a very nice job of the doors had been made…..

I particularly liked the matching tyres at the Tyre shop….showing some design inspiration….

Shame this one didn’t have any hanging “electrion” to colour match the door symbols….

and photo-bombed by a friendly local…

On the other side, of the road, it looks a little dull in comparison… the”tyre puncher” possibly doubling as a gym!

Ah well, time to head off past the only trees around….

Down the sandy road to the ferry….there lies another tale….watch this space.

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Monday Window: 18/7/16

Adjacent to Muscat harbour, Oman, lies the Muttrah Souk, perhaps one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world.

Arriving in Muscat, we headed straight for the souk. On a hot, humid July afternoon, sadly the souk was well and truly closed. A few stalls open in the humid environs inside the covered bazaar, it comes to life at night. It was not to be a shopping afternoon, no incense, pashminas or jewellery this time….on my next trip…

Along the corniche are some beautiful old houses, the designs taking you back to days of dhows sailing and trading around the Indian Ocean, pirates and the slave trade from Zanzibar. One of them caught my eye, or rather, the windows did….

It’s not often you see someone carrying a mattress on their head, large grins for my camera when spotted……


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