Kenya, May 2013…for 48 hours

One of the benefits of living in Dubai is that it’s a travel hub with many destinations,which,if carefully planned are reachable for a weekend trip.However, being able to sleep on the flight is usually the painful part of attempting to maximise the timeNairobi falls into the net, so another city ticked off the list.

DSC_0077 - Version 2

Elephant in Amboseli…magical….

The main aim was a day safari at Amboseli National Park, 3 hours drive from Nairobi. A battered Volkswagen camper van conversion was home for the day. And what a day,  African light is incredible, it’s almost transparent, it’s so clear.  Amboseli is mainly known for its free-ranging elephant herds and our guides found a gathering fairly quickly. Standing in the Volkswagen, painfully aware it would peel open like a tin can, whilst the elephants went about their feeding and bathing surrounding us, it was a slightly unreal but magical experience.

Vast rolling grasslands, stumpy acacia trees, in the background Kilimanjaro towering above clouds and elephants, ,blowing, chasing, trumpeting,splattering mud , I was in the middle of it all. Water Buffalo , Zebra, Giraffe, to name but a few, appearing round each bend of the track and in the distance, Hippo waddling on the shore of the lake.


Rural roadside life…

A perfect day and a long drive back through the Kenyan countryside, small Masai villages and traditional roadside stalls laden with vegetables and fruit. Rickety homes, stalls’,barrow’s, cafe’s and “Hotels” line the sides of the roads heading back to Nairobi.I’m not sure I will be over-nighting at the Konza Junior Hotel!

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