Life in the Big City in the Sand….

Well, it’s all very different.

Before Dubai, my life was in lived in a small village outside Paphos, Cyprus. Two children, a quirky renovated village house, a full-time job, but it all changed quite quickly when my company was bought out and I was offered relocation in 2012. 

The children were in studying in Uk and therein lay the reason and panicky impetus to action this drastic move, at rather a late age, for a new life in a big city, reason … $$$$$ ….

Student costs, fees, airfares, Cyprus was heading towards the crisis, to maintain the status quo of the money drain and the commitment you enter into at childbirth, of doing the very best you can for your offspring, a no-brainer really, with a secure job offer.

So I’m here, it’s hot and a hideous climate for part of the year, nightly face-wipes remove much of the desert that seems to stick to me, but, actually, I am enjoying this new life.

Dubai is big, fast and costly (if you want to Ferrari through it) but focusing on what I want out of it for my personal life, it has been an utter joy to discover this region and my exploring has kept me sane in the low moments.


Emirates Towers hotel high above an early morning city mist….

Respect for the local laws and traditions and an understanding of the vast change the oil wealth brought, moving bedouin out of the desert to the pampered world, it’s been a fast transition for Emiratis and the Ruling family and the Government are cleverly doing their best, transitioning the local and expatriate population into the fast track world they have created for the expansion in this city without limits.

Burj Al Arab...

Burj Al Arab…

Dubai is bigger and brasher than most, Expo 2020 was won recently, the city will expand laterally and financially to incorporate the expansion required. Building development is surging after the lean years of the crash, there are many questions of sustainability for expats, given the increasing costs, but still this Big City will continue to expand into the desert.

It’s fascinating to view the city from the air as your Emirates flight is allowed to join into the landing queue, miles upon miles of infrastructure development,only roads and lights now, but soon it will be actual housing and factories, extending even further out into the desert … this will all be part of the community of Dubai. The rulers created a vision, there have been glitches but now, it seems to be another golden time for Dubai and it’s heading forward with the rest of the commercial world.

Burj Khalifa...

Burj Khalifa…

For me, with a limited time here and no family commitments in the Emirates, I will absolutely make the most of it.It’s a fascinating country to immerse myself in.

2 comments on “Life in the Big City in the Sand….

  1. Well, I was just scrolling through the category Blogging Bites and I was compelled to click on this post because of such awesome pics 🙂 … Would love to see them more often 🙂


  2. I lived two years in Qatar and three years in Abu Dhabi, with many weekend trips to Dubai while there. I loved them both and would go back to either in a heart beat, though I know both have changed. I hope you enjoy your time in the Emirates.


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