The Dubai Stone

 Experiencing the moment

Experiencing the moment

To make it clear, the Dubai stone is not an ancient Rosetta type artefact or a geological feature of this arid area.

It’s not an urban myth either, it’s an unpleasant result of city living and high temperatures and ..ok…I have to be really honest reluctantly, indulgence, availability of temptation and lack of restraint … in my case it has become a reality.

When first heading over here, plenty of folks were quick to warn me of the Dubai stone, the dreaded weight gain, commuter life, lack of exercise, living in a high rise,…Ha! I thought, no way, that will not happen to me.

So, so wrong Victoria…

Three years on with this unwanted excess sitting uncomfortably around my life, I have more than a few regrets and a tedious winter of restraint, lettuce and coconut water ahead.

Week life is ruled by rush hours, work, 31 floors up, home, 35 floors up, no space for cat swinging, let alone swinging myself to whichever online exercise class looks like it will give me the instant result.

After 5 long work and rush hour days, going down in the lift 35 floors to start an exercise process looks like a huge effort from the sofa. Well, it is a huge effort, the motivation part of my brain seems to have died….. probably shrivelled up in the intense heat.

The 2 days of weekend life are out and about, travelling, exploring, walking, but, when it’s over 40+ in the hot months, you can’t actually exercise, it’s more of a dash outside for 10 mins, back to the car and blessed air-con, drink water, repeat the process.

How could you possibly exercise in this sort of climate? Ok, ok, the pool is chilled, there is a gym, but hey, it’s 35 floors down and motivation, as explained earlier, suffered heat stroke in year one and seems not to have recovered..the sofa is so comfy.

Now the climate is starting to return to bearable, it’s the perfect time to lay down the law to myself, but, the temptations are huge, al fresco dining, camping and barbecuing, a few drinks …. Eeeww, the temptations are so evil, but such fun.

Before Dubai, the first sign of not fitting into my jeans had me straight on a rigid diet, I thought I was fat when I arrived here….but ..looking back, No I wasn’t fat, I was in pretty good shape for my age, it was my psyche telling me I was fat, but when I arrived here, said psyche took a back seat, maybe it was exhausted after 50 odd years of having to step up to my tedious demands … so, determination recovered, this winter, it’s the long haul, time to rid myself of the Dubai stone ….  motivation needs nurturing back , the psyche needs a slap down to get into shape and yup, so do I…!

I foresee a painful journey ahead!

6 comments on “The Dubai Stone

  1. When I don’t feel the motivation to jog, I just promise myself to put on my running clothes and shoes and open the door. If, at that point, I still don’t wanna jog, then I can go back inside and be lazy… I’ve never gone back inside. This even got me out jogging in August in Kuwait (those were short ones, though). Perhaps your promise could be to get to the gym doors, then decide.

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    • I have your mantra in my head now .. thank you for the motivation, tonight was a long Dubai traffic haul,so finally got home 2 hours later … the mantra faded ..but tomorrow is another day,I’ll put on those clothes and get to the door, Hey ! I can always go back, thank you. I’m sure success will result in another post, watch my space, but be aware your motivation will be part of any success !

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  2. I can so relate to this. When I first arrived in KSA I was full of enthusiasm for the free gym, the 5km track and an off-road mountain bike trail that I figured could double up as a running trail. Then the reality of summer hit (@WanderLaur the fact you can run in the August heat in Kuwait is amazing!! Go you!) and somehow a gym for free didn’t seem to provide the impetus to go that a gym I was paying for did. That, together with a social life that revolves around eating out means there’s quite a few unwanted pounds… I’m giving Whole30 a try, here’s hoping it works…


    • Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comments are much appreciated. Also the Whole30 hint – Just looking at the ethos now- sounds like it could be one to try- post Xmas I am feeling the Dubai stone has doubled!!


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