Far from Home…..

I’ve always been far from home since an early age. 

Aged twelve, off to boarding school, then to college and to work, to travel, happily to marry, all of it was far from home.

But you always go back home, no matter how far away home is.

Marriage brings children and a home, but you still have a home, with your family, both your families, so whilst home, you are far from home.

Life changes brought me far from home, again, a regular pattern plays out. I have another home now, a temporary one, I take every opportunity to go back to my home.

The noun “home” is defined as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household or an institution for people needing professional care or supervision.

Being over the halfway mark, the former is more appealing than the latter, but for now, I’ll remain far from home until the next time.

Death is the furthest place from home.


Post for Day 10, Blogging101, inspired by Daily Prompt: Far from home and the theme inspired by  the Weekly Photo challenge: Alphabet. I came across the inscription photos in Sri Lanka, carefully painted all along the street wall.






Far from Home

5 comments on “Far from Home…..

  1. Yeah, as someone who lives far from where she grew up, I know what you mean. Even though the longer I’m away from my first home, the less like home it feels. At this point, home to me means people more than places.

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  2. I really like where you took this post. It is deep, yet has a lightness, as it brings the reader to ponder what home really means to them. Your post also has a bit a zen quality in your positioning death as a place farthest from home, while it clearly will be a place of permanence at some point in time.

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  3. Thanks, your comments are highly appreciated, it was outside of my persona to write and post this and it’s really encouraging to have your feedback.I’m hoping it’s a while before I make the final journey!

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