Admiring the Arabian oryx….

Driving in the desert in the Emirates, if you are lucky enough, there is the chance to come across the Arabian Oryx or white Oryx (Oryx leucoryx). 

Their home territory is the desert and steppes of this region and they usually travel in herds. Sadly the Arabian oryx has been extinct in the wild since the 1970’s but preservation in zoos and breeding programs have allowed a re-introduction into the desert and steppes areas since the 1980’s.

Much of the desert area around Dubai is classified as a desert conservation area and they have been re-introduced here. The Western region of Abu Dhabi has also had a herd re-introduction along with Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan.

The Sharjah Desert Park ( see information below) is an excellent place to see Oryx if desert driving is not your forte. There is a herd in the outside area together with gazelle, rock hyrax and flamingo. Feeding time (around 3.30pm the day I was there) brings all the animals into the viewing area.There is a large herd of Oryx.

Here are some photos of the Oryx I found on one of my drives….






Sharjah Desert Park information at and more at

Entry 15dirhams per person, well worth a visit.




11 comments on “Admiring the Arabian oryx….

  1. What an interesting and beautiful animal! Your description was just what I needed to make me want to know more, so I looked it up. Thank you for feeding my curiosity and love of learning something new in this way.


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. They are unique and magnificent animals and having been lucky enough to have a few close up encounters in the desert, where they do roam freely now, albeit in a desert sanctuary, all credit to the government here for recognising the importance of such wildlife and making space and funding for them.

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      • Totally agree, it’s a good move to protect these unique animals. They are in the desert sanctuary areas now, I came across one not so long ago, but I didn’t have my camera, only an I-phone and it was just that bit too far away to have viable photos, but good to see.


    • Short wheel base Pajero with a bit of a lift.As I am completely non-technical when it comes to cars, any other vehicle specs require me to read the manual, which is in my car 10 mins walk away, so I hope that answers your question for now. It’s black, which is a pain in this region (sandy), goes like a little bomb and is a brilliant car for driving in the desert.I am sure it will be featured in photographs at some stage of my blog’s life, so please feel free to follow me 🙂 Thanks for commenting, much appreciated.

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