Prolific posting….

Having dived into a multitude of challenges with great enthusiasm, joining into this whole blogging concept, which is a wonderful way to view other folk’s experiences, I now find myself with a 5-day working week on WordPress! 

Photo on 04-02-2016 at 18.27 #3

Sneakily, I chose many of the photo challenges and I know there are more out there, and yes, I will be joining into those too, eventually. I signed up for a massive April A-Z challenge, monthly memories and a weekly feature posting. Flop, I’m exhausted just writing it down.

Now I have to organise myself, my calendar pops up daily with reminders, luckily it also tells me, thank god, which day of the week it is and I’m trying to work out how I can organise my weekly feature to appear as one on my blog.

Photo on 04-02-2016 at 18.28

There is also the etiquette of blog awards. It’s so flattering to receive a nomination, it boosts your spirits in blog world, but it does mean a lot of time, and I’m not too sure or comfortable about singling out individual blogs, so I have decided to take the award free approach, with grateful thanks to those who kindly nominated me.

Blogging is on top of work and weekends rushing around the Middle East trying to suck it all up before my visa runs out and I’m no longer able to live here.

Photo on 04-02-2016 at 18.27 #2

Bedtime has moved back an hour or two, lunchtime, well, I’m now lunching in the Reader, trying to follow everyone I follow, like and comment, read other blogs, there are so many… it’s a challenge….. but, I’m enjoying it, so glad I joined this world. I have read some interesting, thoughtful and fascinating blogs, it’s wonderful to be able to peep inside other’s thoughts, lives and experiences. For now, I just need to be organised and put it in perspective (and possibly retire)

Photo on 04-02-2016 at 18.29 #2

9 comments on “Prolific posting….

  1. Ooh I feel your pain! I could have written this! About once a day I read a post from someone who is doing a WordPress challenge, and I think “oh my goodness, I should be doing that too!” So I stop doing what I’m doing and either ask for help to find the link, or find it myself, getting distracted on the way by the multitude of challenges out there….
    Thanks to for telling me about the Weekly Photo Challenge. Sorry, I don’t know how do make ping backs or links when commenting on someone’s post! Perhaps there’s a weekly challenge to conquer WordPress……

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    • :), Joining into WordPress & blogging is a challenge itself, however, its fun even though you end up with rolling eyeballs and a distinct loss of which day it is in your week! If you want a few “how to” screen shots on creating pingbacks and links, I’m more than happy to share …, just send me a mail and I’ll show you how I managed to get them done. Take care and thanks so much for reading my post.

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  2. I hoped the photo blog bit showed the stress :), although when I look at Lichenstein effect, I realise the biro I stuck artfully in my hair looks like a knife stuck in my head- maybe I did feel like that when I took them 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to pass comment, much appreciated!

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  3. I am retired, only took on one challenge, and I still feel blogged down.

    Trying to tour the UK, planning sidetrips, packing and getting ready to move to our next house sitting gig and… thank you, Murphy’s law, the main computer went t!ts up.

    Trying to blog on the phine and tablet is a challenge. Just when I had stopped dream-blogging!

    All the same, I do enjoy the sense of community. Now, if I could just find everyone’s features in order to vote… or is it too late? Time zones aren’t my speciality.

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