Garden Challenge : February: Monochrome


A feathery weed in sunlight, monochrome highlights the structure and formation of each frond.

A small cactus, the spikes weaving across the head, silhouetted by use of the dual tones.

Playing with settings allows the pattern to stand out. Screw up your eyes and look at this, the depth of the tracery on the leaves stands out.


Joining into February Garden Monochrome Challenge hosted by the blog called the earth laughs in flowers.

12 comments on “Garden Challenge : February: Monochrome

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  2. Removing the colour changes the way we look at these plants, each having a distinctive attribute. Love the patterns in the last one, it becomes a beautiful abstract pattern.
    Jude xx


  3. PIXLR is a good basic editor and has lots of effects too. Free download. And as this is monochrome, you don’t need to do any editing if you see something that is all tones or hues of one colour. See my example next Sunday, that might give you some ideas 🙂


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