6 comments on “Monday Window:#6 When is a window not a window?

    • Hi Ludwig, I seem to be a day late this week, Monday went missing! Light in the rooms came from the windows left unblocked, depending on the year, windows up to a certain amount were untaxed, then over ie 8, were taxed, it seemed to be a tax on the rich who could afford big houses and many windows.

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  2. Good grief. They tax windows in the UK? Bizarre! No one should tax light. We all need light to be healthy. People who work near windows and natural light are more productive and take fewer sick days. Don’t ask me to produce a link to the science, but I’ve seen reports on such studies many times, having been in employment and staffing for a number of years in one of my careers.

    That said, I find this almost as humorous as disturbing. Your photographs reveal just how much character windows give to a building.


    • Thanks, Kathyrn Grace, Luckily for British residents the window tax was repealed in 1851, but, even so, not everyone is lucky enough to get a window to work by in this day and age.

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