Home is where my heart is….

I currently live in Dubai in a rented flat 30 plus floors up in the sky, looking out over a surreal view of the waterfront. I watch the traffic queues just below me, hear the supercars speeding down the beach road, see the boats, the beaches, the hotels, the waterfront palaces but it’s not my real home, albeit a home with stunning sunset views. This is my temporary home for the last few years. No garden or balcony, just a little window that opens just far enough to push my lens through… 

I have a real home, a home that’s all mine, but several thousand miles away in Cyprus, a 4.15-minute flight away if the winds are good and I love and long to go home. At my real home, there is a garden, two cats, a young adult, possessions and the place where my heart lies.  One day, in the not too distant future, I will return to my real home for good but then will I miss my current home in the sky?….

I have also made an online home, a place where I share my travels through words and photographs. Please come and visit my home in the cloud, you are so welcome….

13 comments on “Home is where my heart is….

  1. That’s a nice blog post! Lovely views, but I expect you miss Cyprus too. Which part of Cyprus? I lived in Limassol, dad worked in Akrotiri and I went to school in Episkopi. When I went back years later, it had all changed so much, I couldn’t recognise some places!


    • Hi Georgie, thanks for your comments and passing by. My home is just outside of Paphos. Limassol has certainly changed since you lived there, but now it’s all being done very nicely along the corniche, the same as Paphos, some attractive facelifts for the tourist areas.

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  2. Living as an expat can’t always be easy because you miss your home but you seem to have a great flat in Dubai!


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