Photo 101: Day 3 assignment: Water and Orientation.

Our assignment today is Water and Orientation and the comparison between horizontal and vertical.

It’s a thundery day today in Dubai and I am more likely to see water from the heavens than the sea, so I’m using photographs from a trip to Masirah island, Oman in December 2015. 

My thoughts are below the photographs, which orientation do you think suits the scene better? All comments are welcome…




27 comments on “Photo 101: Day 3 assignment: Water and Orientation.

  1. I like the horizontal better, but I think it’s more because of the colour of the water than anything else. On my screen it looks like a deeper greenish/blue.

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    • Thankyou Bushka for your always lovely comments, I’m keeping very busy with this new course and feel I’m missing out a bit on the other posts going on, forgive me if I miss a few of your posts. I will catch up, I love to see what poetry you produce each day .Hugs!

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  2. For me, the difference in the two photographs is where the boat ended up. In the horizontal shot, the boat is almost centered, with the lovely reflection and the lines from the ropes leading from the cornered into the center. In the vertical shot, the boat is slightly off center but composed to follow the, which is something a lot of people respond to.


    • Thank you, Kimberley, for taking the time to comment. By the way I saw you visited Yemen but I couldn’t see an option to comment on your post, such beautiful photographs, on my list but sadly I was thwarted in 2015 by the war, however, I am in process of negotiating logistics for a visit to Socotra later this year, war withstanding my space!

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      • I’m just trying to load your Yemen photos, but it’s slow internet here tonight, storms raging around Dubai today, the superfast Dubai links seemed to have collapsed! What I’m seeing of your photos so far are stunning. FYI Socotra is a Yemeni island, here is the wiki link but, owing to the war situation, the island has been virtually inaccessible for visits during the last year. I have now discovered the way in, the island is not linked to the conflict or affected by the war but it’s a slight risk to attempt it ..I’m working on a visit for post-monsoon 2016, I SO hope it works out!

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      • That sounds wonderful! I love traveling, but Yemen was probably the hardest area in terms of tension and instability. Don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon. I would love to see the pictures you come back from Socotra with though!! 🙂


  3. You interpret the brief very well in these shots. I just couldn’t get my head around it. Both images have such an air of tranquillity about them, they would make a lovely screensaver (helpful in those moments when you want to smash the computer)!


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