Thursday Doors: At Ras al Khaimah museum, UAE.

DSC_5955 (2)

Real doors, opening into a room, not often visible here, normally I only ever see doors opening into a courtyard, privacy of the home and family is very important…

Finally, I found some doors in the UAE that I call doors, not solid, thick, meaty doors, I’m not sure I’m ever going to find those types here, but these ones are carved, slightly misshapen and quaint. I’m really happy to have found these doors. 

Ras Al Khaimah museum is located in a 19th-century fort that was the residence of the Qawassim rulers until 1964.The building is quiet and serene, an inner courtyard and wind towers. Just how you imagine wealthy Arabia used to be, in days past.

Sneaking in a photo of the courtyard and wind tower.. just setting the tranquil scene, lots of lovely carved doors too, but saved for future posts when my Arabian doors are thin on the ground and in substance…


If you happen to be in the area, it’s a lovely place to visit, well thought out, beautifully preserved with some interesting ethnographical collections, informative regional archeological history plus a wonderful shell collection room too… another sneak photo chance!

All a bit faded now, but look at those enormous Cowries on the top row..awesome, produced by Mother nature, how can you not love those patterns and design...

All a bit faded now, but look at those enormous Cowries on the top row..awesome, produced by Mother nature… how can you not love those patterns and design…

Taking part in Norm’s Thursday doors


9 comments on “Thursday Doors: At Ras al Khaimah museum, UAE.

  1. Ancient architecture never fails to fascinate. Desert dwellers are especially adept at building cool interiors, aren’t they? Like other commenters, I was interested in the lintel (if that’s what it is) above the door and how it appears to be woven into the wall, Surely those strands have to be replaced every decade or so. I wonder how they do it. Curious too, the shape–thick on one end, thinner on the other.

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  2. Love your pictures, especially the shells. We have a beach over here on Phillip Island, Australia called Cowrie Beach and as the name suggests the beach is covered with them. It is a little secluded and difficult to get to, first down a steep bank over rock ledges but when you get there is is really magical. They are such beautiful unusual shells. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Glad you like the shells, thanks for commenting, more to come in 2016! Australia seems like a good place to come to visit for shells..I’m on several FB shell sites and I keep seeing some superb shells from your amazing continent..on the To-do list!

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  3. Ohh vicky!! UAE is my favorite place ever!!! I spent my schooling and worked for some years at the Capital City – Abu Dhabi!! Have very emotional bounding there!! Missing 😦
    So happy to see your posts about middle east!! Would go through the rest!!

    Wish you happy days ahead!!!

    Love….Nadira 😊


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