Photo 101: Weekend Review: An Oman tale…

I had planned an Oman weekend well in advance of the massive storms that hit the Arabian peninsula last Wednesday and headed off to my destination in ignorance of the impact such storms cause, especially in Oman. The storm had swept up and over the central mass of the country, culminating in a spectacular thunderstorm that was playing over towards the northeast as we headed down the long, lonely road, once through the Mezayed border crossing formalities at Al Ain. 

Dark clouds and towering mountains were lit up by the continuous flashing of the lightning in the sky. Turning away from the storm, heading into the night and the long road south, we encountered massive flooding, roads blocked by rivers of water and rubble.

You may ask where the photographs of this spectacular event are?

A total fail, from me and my camera.

A dangerous drive through flooded roads, several diversions, snatched sleep in the car, so many missed photo opportunities.

I finally realised in daylight what I had done and stopped blaming my camera, it was user fail!

Just to give an idea of what I could have snapped, had I turned on the car light and noticed the dial was incorrectly set, I would be writing a different assignment. These are the only bad ones that I could use, the rest are unrecognisable.

After the journey, relaxing on the coast :

I notice the grey and muted hues when I review this post, normally my shots in this region are bright, intense, infused with the region’s heat and intense colour. I expect this will be the last “cool climate” post  for this year. The summer is ahead…


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