Monday windows: As Sulaif Fort, Oman

I came across this wall of windows at As Sulaif fort, Ibri, Ad Dhahirah Governorate, Oman. Breaking our long drive home, we came across this fascinating walled fort, mostly in ruins. It is an excellent place to visit if you happen to be in the area…


9 comments on “Monday windows: As Sulaif Fort, Oman

    • Thanks, Ludwig, It’s quite a cute window wall and I’m so glad I found it, with Monday windows in mind… The faceless front was to repel invaders, the fort is full of small holes in the wall for shooting at the enemy and the entrance has a slit above the door where boiling oil could be dropped on the invaders. I shall eventually do full post, the site is amazing, sadly more renovation is needed, but it’s a wonderful place to visit …

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