Photo 101, Day Nine: Warmth and the Quality of Light

I spent the first week in January in Cyprus for some family time. A lunch invitation on a beautiful sunny day, the next fields hold a Mandora plantation, so whilst the bbq was cooking our souvla, I took a walk through the plantation snapping away. 

Used for today’s assignment as Dubai is grey, overcast and moody, more rain is on its way.The photos below are my interpretation of today’s theme, which do you prefer?


Sun from the left

1- Sun from the left


2- Sun behind me to my left, lots of warm shades and shadows…

In amidst the trees, no sun at all on the subject, a blue tinge to the leaves...

3- In amidst the trees, no sun at all on the subject…


4- Looking up, a hint of warmth where some sun is filtering through…

Sunlight enhancing the colours and giving warmth...

5- More direct sunlight…

All shot on IPhone 6.

For anyone who wondered why I have used the name Mandora, here is the Wiki information:

A mandora is a cross of mandarin and orange, grown on Cyprus.

It is easily mistaken for a clementine, but its skin is tougher and the fruit contains seeds. The taste is more acidic than the clementine’s.

The fruit’s appearance looks much like an orange, with a rough orange outside and a juicy, seedy inside. It is tougher to peel than a clementine.

The season of the mandora is from January to April.




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