Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects

A selection of photographs, 2 from Borneo in 2015 and 3 from last weekend’s Oman trip, my take on today’s assignment.

Which suits the theme the best? 


14 comments on “Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects

  1. I think the guide is most suitable. I wondered who he is, what is he holding, and where is the picture taken? It also quirky since he has a cigarette in his mouth.


  2. #4, inside the fort – the mystery is: what lies beyond that doorway?

    #1 – hard to compete with the light playing in the clouds and on the water.


    • It went nowhere, just a little annex with light from the window to the left. Not too sure of its purpose but it made for a good shot.
      The guy is the wonderful guide who appears magically from a dark room when you climb up the stairs… There is no entry charge for visiting, the fort is huge, 383 homes, plus a souk at the lower level.He was devasted we couldn’t do the whole tour, but we had to get back to Dubai.A tip is in order, so he was happy, and he did some wonderful photo poses for me. It’s well worth a visit if you ever go past Ibri..I shall do a post soon anyway, so you will see a little more… Thanks for visiting Jaqueline.

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