Photo 101: Weekend Two: Play with Light

Following our Photo 101 assignment for the weekend, part one… 

“For those who want to practice, revisit these points on the quality of light, and how light varies throughout the day:

  • Dawn — before sunrise — can cast a cool blue light, with no shadows.
  • Later in the morning, the light tends to be neutral — and to some, ideal.
  • At midday, the sun reaches its highest point, resulting in dark shadows.
  • Later in the day, in the “golden hour” before sunset, daylight grows softer and redder, creating a magical atmosphere.

These are just guidelines, of course. Factors can change these conditions, including weather, location, and the time of year.”

Well I didn’t quite make dawn, it is after all the weekend and there is a missing mid-day link, as really I couldn’t sit home all day snapping through my little window, a girl has to have some fun!

I can’t post the missing mid-day link tomorrow as I’m back in work, but hopefully, the hours I  did shoot show the contrasts… all slightly different (as are the shots, in a perfect world… hmm, I’m not often perfect, but you can get the idea, it’s the same view, through my little window)

It was an ideal March day here today, temperature forecast at 22-27 degrees, up to 30 in reality, a slight wind from the sea, and clouds, so no scarlet sunset tonight…

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