Monday Windows: Mysterious windows in old Dubai…

Just outside the Gold Souk in the old part of Dubai, I came across this building on one of the side streets.

What a mysterious and intriguing facade. 

How much light is let in through the windows? Are the decorated screens, windows? Were the windows designed to stop the glare of sunlight?

In the narrow bustling streets, this building stood out for its fanciful frontage…

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6 comments on “Monday Windows: Mysterious windows in old Dubai…

    • I’m sure they probably were, I think it’s a fairly old building from the original 60’/70’s development of Dubai and it may have been directly into the sun then with no the area is built up, but I loved it, I haven’t seen similar anywhere in all my wanderings around the backstreets… Thank you for commenting Laura…


    • Thanks, Ludwig, it’s a weekly mission now to compile interesting windows for your Monday Windows challenge… My weekend has to include windows! Thank heavens I’m travelling soon, I fear I may be running out here …!

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