Photo 101- Day Fifteen: Landscape & Cropping

Well, today’s task is a challenge, there are few stellar landscapes in the Gulf. Dunes, construction, sand and more sand…. here is my take on today’s assignment…all helped by cropping to  refine the picture… 

16 comments on “Photo 101- Day Fifteen: Landscape & Cropping

    • It is as you see it, Georgie, so many hues and contrasts, the beauty lies in the beholder I think. Many people view it as featureless, but the desert holds it’s own magical mystery and once in you are hooked! Thanks for taking the time out to comment…

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  1. You have an amazing eye, Vicky, taking such stark scenes and making them interesting, inviting. I’ve forgotten most of my geology 101 class about dunes, but I imagine you get to know dunes in a way that the rest of the world gets to know the native plants in their gardens. I wonder, can you read them yet, as I learned in various novels I read over the years, that travelers must do.


    • Thank you, Kathyrn Grace.Yes, you learn to read the sand when driving in the desert. With time, you can tell where the soft sand lies, where the best route to follow goes. The sun at mid-day makes it hard to see ,early morning is best. In the days of camel trains, the Bedouin must have been true experts…. A hard life I imagine, the sun is relentless…

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