Photo 101, Weekend three: Camel racing….

Choosing this option for weekend shots, fitting in perfectly with my weekend jaunt to the camel races!

  • Observe and capture an entire scene, but also, zoom in on it. Stick to architecture if you’d like: capture the size of a building, but get close to record its details. Or, choose something different — a farmer’s market, a festival — and take establishing shots as well as smaller moments within the scene.

Camel racing is a traditional sport in the Middle East. This weekend I had the chance to soak up the atmosphere and excitement myself. The event was held at the Al Marmoom camel track on the outskirts of Dubai, races started at 2pm. I arrived  just in time to see the build up, crowds and action. 

One-humped dromedary camels race with robotic jockeys. Camels start racing from the age of three to four. Alongside the track, 4 wheel drives follow alongside the race at high speed, controlling the robotic jockeys or just joining in the fun, the spectacle is amazing. With splayed legs, the camels head off, with the cars racing alongside.


The ruling family has a presence at these events. Great excitement with the attendance of the Crown Prince. Jostling crowds, TV cameras, photographers, all trying to get closer. I was lucky enough to catch these from the staircase…

Heading on down to the paddock, where the camels and trainers were waiting for their races, the ambience and photo opportunities were incredible. No captions here, just colour, tradition and atmosphere….

As I left, I passed some of  the prizes….


Quite a good link if you would like to read more…

12 comments on “Photo 101, Weekend three: Camel racing….

  1. I love the whole collection! The photos are excellent and the subject is fantastic. I love all the colours; very striking. Thank you for sharing … It is an event I might never have seen otherwise. Good job, both the photography & the subject! 👏🏻❤️

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