A to Z Challenge: A is for Argonaut

Participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge (April 2016) with a sea-shore theme…

The argonauts (genus Argonauta) are a group of pelagic octopuses.

Commonly known as the “Paper Nautilus” the exquisite egg casing that the females secrete are a shell collector’s treasure. 

Found in the Arabian Gulf during Paper Nautilus season, January-March, the empty shell cases wash up on the beaches.

Last year, having been gifted one, I joined in the hunt during the season. Squealing with excitement 6 times during the season, my treasures are proudly displayed. So far this year I have yet to find one….

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21 comments on “A to Z Challenge: A is for Argonaut

    • Thanks Bushka, I signed up then forgot about the challenge! Luckily I had done some preparation but with the Photo101 course, A-Z had slipped my mind. I had a visitor from the site, which reminded me, phew for the start posts prepared… I now have a bit of work to do 🙂

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    • Shirley, they are delicate, but hardy..I can only describe them as something that looks like plastic until you pick them up, then you realise the fragility.. they are a treasure to possess..


    • Wendy, yes they are pretty, fragile and a treasure from the seashore..I love them and am so happy to have found a few…If I never get so lucky again, so be it, I have these for my memories…


  1. i am glad to have shared something new.. I have desired posseing

    one, now I have 6, I’m happy…no new ones this year, but that’s ok, I was lucky last year, I hope other’s find some..


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