A to Z Challenge: B is for Beaches…

Participating in Blogging from A-Z challenge (April 2016) with a sea-shore theme…

Beaches have their own meaning for different people. Holidays, sun-bathing, swimming, fishing, clam-collecting, walking, water-sports and so on, the list is long. 

For me, a beach is a hunting ground of treasures, washed up shells, corals, stones, colorful or with perfect holes, all there to be collected. Sea urchin cases, turtle bones, sand dollars, sea biscuits, they all make their way home with me.


Beaches can be beautiful, endless white sand afront a turquoise sea or unappealing muddy flats, sometimes they are rocky and impossible to access, but each have their own appeal. The emptier the better for me. In Arabia, outside the cities, beaches are deserted. Fishermen making their living and birds are are the only occupants and I walk for miles along the solitary shores, seeing what each tide has cast up.

Dubai beaches are busy in the winter, the weather brings the city dwellers flocking to the beach. Boardwalks, cafes, kite beaches, events make them a busy place during the winter months. In the summer, only a few brave souls head out in the day, the beach in the intense heat is no place to be.


19 comments on “A to Z Challenge: B is for Beaches…

    • This was a KITE-FEST, I have never seen so much colour, kite and sky-action, but that’s Dubai, things aren’t done in halves..I have some amazing photos and the organisers were so lucky it was, for once, a windy day..lots of fun to see it all blowing…


    • Ahh Claire, I was hesitant in posting the turtle bones, but they are part of sea detritus here…when i first found one I actually thought it was from a palm tree, then I came across a dead turtle and realised.. I have quite a bone collection now!I’m glad I found another interested bone collector…!


  1. Beaches aren’t so rich in treasure here, and what there is has more seekers looking for it. But the views can be spectacular and accessable any time of year – a treasure in its own right.


    • Thanks Bushka, I really so appreciate your interaction, I’m feeling a bit bad over neglecting my WordPress friends at present,one challenge to another plus work,and now this A-Z means being very organised,but 24 hours isn’t enough to catch up with you all..so your support is so appreciated and I thank you from my flip-flops ( beach, sea-shore, out there for A-Z…!)

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    • Thanks for commenting Lulu, beaches in this region are amazing, but undeveloped and empty. Beach life is not a tradition here as we know it, so the chances to find empty miles of sand are many, especially in Oman..

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