Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Landscapes in the Middle East are different, but have their own special beauty. Here are a few….



30 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

    • Aww, Thanks Bushka, the desert is just so special, I look for anything in it, a hint of green, a tyre track even to make the picture, sometimes there is nothing, just infinity, but that has to be recorded too..It’s a different world…

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      • Remarkable what survives in those conditions…..One has to look very closely…better still…one has to ‘know’ the desert. Amazing! 😉 Hugs!


    • Thanks Debbie, when you are out in the desert it’s fairly challenging to find a point of view for photographing, so you start to “see”, lines, patterns, patches of green, shapes, shadows, they all start to form a photograph.. I have a whole file of sand footprints from unknown creatures who passed by and left their footprint n the sand …. !

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    • I hope your Morocco trip gives you what you desire, it’s different from here, North Africa comes with it’s own intensity, beautiful, but be alert.. differences in cultures, our desire to see more, it can easily turn, respect dress and tradition and you will have a wonderful time.. thanks for visiting and commenting..


      • I try very hard to dress and act according to the local cultures. I look forward to expanding to other areas as well. I would love to visit the Middle East just not sure how safe it is for me right now.


  1. I am grateful to be able to enjoy these views without having to bear the heat and dry air! And I’m amazed to see so many growing things in what would seem a totally hostile environment.


  2. This world is full of so many different landscapes isn’t it. I’ve not seen one quite like yours, though if you go inland (Australia) you’ll come across desert.


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