A to Z: J is for Journey

As a change from the sea shore today, come and have a little journey with me around Dubai’s souks….

Crossing the creek to the souk area on the traditional abra, life is buzzing on the waterway…

On the far side of the creek is Deira, the traditional souk area of Dubai…

Some random windows with saffron and unusual items for sale…


In the Spice souk area all sorts on sale, huge bags to choose from…

On to the Gold souk…. $$$$$ needed here…

Then around the colourful little alleys, all sorts of shops, selling a multitude of gifts, materials, pashminas, clothes and so on, busy with locals, ex-pats and tourists…


And finally back home, through the city sunsets…

14 comments on “A to Z: J is for Journey

  1. I’m enchanted with that rainbow-like sari. I can imagine how the woman wearing it must feel in all those vibrant, starry colors. Looking at all the goods for sale, I can’t help wondering if there is an awareness there of the need for buying consciously–of Fair Trade and that sort of thing. I live in a city that prides itself on its leadership in Fair Trade and “green” or “conscious” lifestyle, yet even here it is nearly impossible to find clothing and many household items that were not slave-made, or not made by people in near slave-like conditions.


    • Yes the Rainbow coloured sari stood out. The lady’s feet and hands were covered in intricate henna patterns also, but I couldn’t get those sadly…Fair trade awareness, I suspect not. My thoughts are, that such ethics will be a long while before permeating through the East.

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  2. Wonderful. I feel as if I have been on a trip! Thanks for sharing the sights and smells (thinking of the spices) with us. I am intrigued to know what the bright-blue, round spice is. Do you know?


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