A to Z challenge: K is for Kite-boarding….

Masirah island, Oman, according to some wind-surfing Aussies I met in Ramadan last year on the island, rates amongst the top 10 places for both sports and having spent time there during the monsoon, it’s certainly windy enough to blow you away into the raging seas, but these guys seemed to have no fear. Their main issue was they hadn’t realised it was Ramadan, so the hotel was dry ! 

Fearless kite-boarders head out on the Indian Ocean side, the winds are fierce and the waves are considerably scary, but there are one or two bays that seem to escape the full power of the monsoon and there’s always some kites out there at a weekend.

On the calmer, channel side of the island, kite-boarding appears more manageable. I expect if I had any intentions of kiting I would be in this channel. An unlikely event in my future, so I’m happy to watch and try to catch them in my photos as they sail into the air, leaping out of the sea, powered by wind…a wonderful sight on any day…

Dubai has “Kite beach” set aside for the sport and during the cooler weather, the sky is full of the vivid sails….


4 comments on “A to Z challenge: K is for Kite-boarding….

  1. Wonderful photos:) We watched one of those kite surfers on one of our holidays, it was just amazing. I can’t believe with so many in one spot they don’t get tangled.LOL.
    Thanks for a great post, have a great day.


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