A to Z challenge: N is for Nasturtium

I thought I had a pet Nudibranch, which was my “N”, but whilst writing this, I discovered it’s just a sea slug. Hmm…

Not a nudibranch....

Not a nudibranch ….Onchidium peronii. Wiki tells me “Onchidium is a genus of air-breathing sea slugs, shell-less marine pulmonate gastropod mollusks in the family Onchidiidae.”

So instead, as I am home in Cyprus for the weekend, here are some Nasturtiums from my garden… a welcome diversion from the sea-shore!

5 comments on “A to Z challenge: N is for Nasturtium

  1. I can see how it would be tough to feature nudibranchs on a beachcombing theme – too bad, as those underwater slugs put their boring land-based brethren to shame. An incredible range of sizes, colors, and designs often make finding one like finding a little jewel on the sea bottom.

    But the Nasturtiums are nice too. 🙂


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