Thursday Doors: 21/4/16

Traditional Cyprus town house doors on an empty building in Paphos old town. Colonial style villas once lined these streets, now there are few left. The centre glass pane opens to allow air to pass through into the house. 

I renovated an old house in a small village close to here. My pride and joy were a set of these doors, which were installed at the street entrance opening on to the courtyard. I was going to go and photograph them for this assignment, but time was short and I haven’t been there for many years, the doors may no longer exist and I know I would have been sad if they are gone now. On my next visit home….

Joining into Thursday Doors over at Norm’s site….

7 comments on “Thursday Doors: 21/4/16

    • I suspect Norm, it is probably the umpteenth layer of paint and a bit of peeling would reveal the history! When I found mine, actually tied up against a tree in a car park, so I hunted down the owner and exchanged cash pronto, they were thick with peeling paint, the last colour was a grubby brown. I had them stripped back and varnished with new brass fittings, they were beautiful, next time I’ll go and see if they are still there.. make a Thursday Doors post with a personal touch!

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