Daily Post : Beach

I try to spend as much of my free time on beaches, not sunbathing , but walking along the beach shore searching for shells and looking at the aquatic life that inhabits this zone.I wrote my April 2016 A to Z challenge around the sea shores of UAE and Oman.

Yesterday I spent time on a beach which I can only describe as magnificent.

A beach on one of the islands in Honda Bay, Palawan, The Philippines. No other people  on this beach. A mile of snaking beach, full of sea biscuits, jellyfish and starfish. Flat calm, aqua water lines the beach, a 2-hour walk on the beach, to the end and back. Bliss on the beach, a memory to treasure….







13 comments on “Daily Post : Beach

    • First time I’ve Daily prompted! Just happened to have a couple of hours waiting around the hotel, decide to read WordPress posts and this jumped out at me, well, how could I resist…!


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