Weekly Photo challenge: Earth…


Colours of our Earth… layers of soil, undergrowth, tree trunks and foliage up to the intense sunlight…. taken from a moving jeep in the jungle using Slow Shutter app on Iphone6 and Snapseed for editing…

6 comments on “Weekly Photo challenge: Earth…

    • Thank you for commenting Tina, I wasn’t sure about posting this, it’s completely abstract but it was how I saw it at high speed, this blur of earth-like colour graduating upwards. I have a whole load of plain jungle/earth photos but I just loved the abstraction of the result of this quirky app I used…appreciate your comment, made me feel good about posting a kind of odd photo!!

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    • Ah, nice thought Kathyrn Grace… a fine hessian perhaps? I’m a long time (old) ex-art student and I used embroidery on hessian as one of my main mediums for nature, now you have jolted my mind, this could work well as a stitched effect…. Sadly work commitments don’t allow me the time now… on the list as a future project!! Thank you for making me re-visit possibilities…

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      • You’re welcome Vicky. Had to look up hessian fabric. Apparently it’s the same as our burlap here. I could see that, yes, though when I saw the photograph, my mind went to fine-gauge wools with plant dyes. But thinking of embroidery on jute or hemp, well, yes, that would be wonderful.


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