A to Z Reflections


Signing up for April 2016 A to Z challenge, super keen, just out of Blogging 101, Photo 101 and Commenting 101…. yes, yes, another Blogging event, I’ll do it. 

Enthusiastically preparing my theme, loosely based on my wanders around the seashores of Arabia and my shell-collecting hobby, planning each letter, advance writing to G.

Then I forgot about it, sucked into Photo 101, loving the course and then suddenly April pitched up and whilst I had written to G, I hadn’t pulled together the photos. Thank heavens for the first weekend.

The next failure was when I whizzed back to A to Z official site to find I hadn’t joined the introduction post a week previously, hmm, a lesson to self… must not speed read and must be more diligent over advice.

So, April Fools Day arrived, should I do it or not…Not being one to shy away from a challenge, I was in, posted “A” on day one and committed myself for the alphabet.

What fun I had, winging it after G, busy in work full-time, off-moments spent going through my memory of my vast photo library, rushing home, taking photos before the light went , fine-tuning, posting then whizzing off to try to catch up with fellow A to Z bloggers… waking up , wonderful kudos to see lots of likes, momentum spurred for the next day….

And the most enjoyable momentum for me were the likes and comments. Thank you so much to all of you who followed and commented, I can’t tell you how uplifting it was to wake up in the morning and find a whole WordPress trail on my phone.

It really made me be organised and inspired, some of the planned subjects changed as I arrived at days when my scribbled thought just wouldn’t cut it, once or twice I went off-plan, but I nearly made 24 sea-shore stories, so I expect I was forgiven for a couple of aberrations…

Retrospectively, your interaction spurred me on the to the end. Flying off before the end of April meant I had to get my act together and schedule the last three posts… as soon as I took off, it was over for me. No internet connection for the first few days, I had no idea whether anyone had passed by my posts, finally connecting, my phone went into overload, thank you, folks, the interaction was incredible, uplifting and pleasing…

During the challenge, I religiously tried to hit 5 blogs a day, comment etc. That was quite hard, I’m working full-time and I’m quite definite about what I want to see and read, I’m interested in history, places, countries, travel, and photography so those were my preferred hits, but when I had the time to delve into themes outside my own interests I found some wonderful work.

What this challenge has taught me, is that on a personal side, I’m quite good at deadlines, but it has also taught me the importance of widening your horizon of thought and interest and interacting with fellow bloggers, a wonderful community spirit.

And lovely, now April is over,  I can spend time visiting those  A to Z posts that I never got around to see…my reading list for the next few months!


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