Thursday Doors: Doors and more….

One of my favourite weekly challenges is Thursday doors. Since joining in this quirky challenge and one or two others, I find I have become so much more aware of my surroundings from a feature viewpoint. 

I have just returned from the unique island of Palawan in the Philippines.

I was super-excited , a chance to shoot something different from Arabia, offer maybe some more structure and heritage in my shots.

I didn’t know, but soon found out, that on the island, doors are sometimes non-existent, and overall necessity plays a greater part than design features, owing to the climate and economic disparity.

So join me on a little trip around Palawan’s doors, forgive me for some of the liberties I have taken with the concept of doors….

A liberty, doorless …..

Doors are utilitarian here, a purpose not a decoration…

In a cemetery, a small house as a crypt, zingy colours and wrought iron doors for enclosure…

An interestingly aerated bamboo door….

Just caught this glimpse of a carved door, so screeched to a stop, reversed, and….


Found this faded and won carved door, the only one I saw like this….

The dog was happily sleeping, I’m not sure those  doors were ever closed…

A jeepney has no doors…


A liberty. It’s really a gate, but lots of bright colours that are so typical of this region…

More colour splash…..

A door into a massive villa in town,I suspect that there was air-conditioning inside this villa….

Wall art on the entrance to the doorway, this was too nice to exclude…

Check out these gates, those are probably aluminium parts, really difficult to weld…. love the ingenuity of these…

So I just had to snap the main jail doors, funky or what…hate to think what goes on behind them but the street wall was covered in murals…


A jungle church in progress, with splendid wooden doors… this was miles from anyway, I’m not sure too many big white westerners hack their way to here, but we were greeted with smiles and on the way back we saw this….

The village children in a church service and they sang for us… it was a tribal village at the back of beyond, but they saw us and their teacher conducted their hymn to us, their audience. It was a lovely  moment…

My city hotel lift doors looked like funky beaten metal, a complete shock after a week of bamboo, my iPhone was whipped out in seconds…

.And then the fire doors, wow, coloured glass… this was a slightly ageing colonial hotel…

These heavy dark wood beauties in the foyer area… REAL doors….

And lastly,  driving to the airport, finding these completely funky doors set in a street wall..what they opened into, who knows. Behind the wrought iron is the caretaker, smiling out through the design.. other lives, just wonderful…


Come over to Thursday Doors, check out what everyone has found this week…maybe you will find some doors and join in too, it’s lots of fun….

17 comments on “Thursday Doors: Doors and more….

  1. Fantastic variety! I love the carved door and the metal elevator doors, but that photo of the people in the rear of the van is truly spectacular. Great ingenuity and creativity captured in your post. I appreciate seeing these things from far off places. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Joey, joining this challenge makes me look around any environment I’m travelling in and also being loose with the theme, hence, the doorless van shot… I did caption it including the word sultry but then thought that was maybe not quite acceptable… It was a normal sight, but the hint of muscle on the guys arm turned it into something else…

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  2. You found some amazing treasures there; what an eclectic collection. My favourite has to be that carved door. I would have slammed on the brakes on gone back to take another look too 🙂

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  3. What great finds! I don’t know which I like best! It makes me wonder if they carved that door themselves if there were no others like it. What skill by whoever did! And what a nice moment that those children would offer a song 🙂 -Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    • If i wasn’t focusing on doors and windows ( I do a weekly window challenge too) I’m not sure I would have noticed any of this .. Hacking around the island, my focus was on picking up on doors and windows.. it made me far more aware.Thank-you for commenting,it’s so great to get feedback, the challenge focus made me look more and discover…

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  4. Great selection and variety! I love the elevator doors, and your comment about whipping out your cell phone! I laughed out loud. How delightful to have been sung to! What wonderful memories you’ll be taking home.


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