Garden Photography Challenge: May: Wild flowers


May’s theme is indeed a challenge. I have no garden in the Middle East and this arid region produces few wildflowers.

Trying to stay close to my present home in the Middle East for this month’s wildflower challenge, I’ve found one wildflower in 4 years! The Desert hyacinth or  Orobanchacea (Broomrapes): Cistanche tubulosa. I’ve found this in wetlands and on the dune line behind the seashore, always growing in sand. 

Succulents and scrub grow in the desert, some stunted trees, all grazing for camels.

Bizarrely, in South Oman, on the escarpment up near the Yemen border, during Khareef (monsoon) I found what I know as Shepherds purse, a common sight in the English countryside.

Desert melons are found during the winter months. Citrullus colocynthis, also known as bitter apple, gourd, desert cucumber or the Vine of Sodom, they are a splash of lemon and vivid green if you do find them in the desert. A very pleasing find amidst all that sand.

Here is a selection of wild growth in the desert region….



Joining into Jude’s monthly garden challenge May & wildflowers…. if you like flowers come and join in or drop and see what else has been found…

15 comments on “Garden Photography Challenge: May: Wild flowers

    • Yes, it was a bit of an OMG moment. I found them on the escarpment above Salalah heading back to Mirbat, a round trip up and over. The escarpment behind the coastal plain seems to be folded, with layers in height, this was not back up at desert level and the road for about 10km, was lined with fields of shepherds purse, cows grazing and emerald green foliage, mist and impending rain clouds in the sky. Not 15 km away, the temperature was over 40 and the normal Omani sand and gravel plain scenario, this area was lush and green and quite beautiful….It is an amazing place….

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    • Thank you so much for commenting. It is a different,arid world so it’s a joy to find such a thing as a desert hyacinth and look out for other wildflowers or far, not too much…


    • Thanks, Susan, I nearly didn’t post these, there isn’t much floral wildlife here, the temptation was to use photos from my home in Cyprus, but then I thought, No, I live here, share what’s available….

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  1. This is what I enjoy so much about a challenge – seeing what other people come up with. The wild flower month is proving to be a good one with beauties from all over the world, none like these though so far. I am so glad you decided to post them. The desert hyacinth is gorgeous as are the grasses and those melons, but my favourite photo has to be the one of the dunes and the sparse vegetation. Thank you for sharing these.
    Jude xx

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  2. As one who has lived in a different kind of desert, I enjoyed this “garden” tour. I was sixteen when first I realized how beautiful the desert can be and how many wondrous surprises lurk there for the observant. The grasses with their mauve plumage, well I could almost smell them on the breeze.


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