Monday Window: Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah mosque was opened in 1979 when Dubai was a much smaller place than it is now. Built in white stone, the architecture is of the medieval Fatimid tradition (909-1171 AD). 

Situated on the Beach road, it is a stunning building with a central dome and two minarets and it is one of a handful of mosques in the UAE to welcome non-Muslims to visit and photograph, several days  a week. Jumeirah mosque is also featured on the UAE 500 dirham currency note.

The windows at this mosque are positioned beautifully, adding to the graceful shape of the building with delicate Islamic designs in the tracery and surrounds.


In the grounds.a large tree spreads it’s branches over the grass, allowing shade and together with the palm trees marking the boundaries of the garden gives a sense of tranquility, complementing the beautiful building.



Taking part in Monday window challenge , come over and check out this week’s windows….



16 comments on “Monday Window: Jumeirah Mosque

    • Excellent shot Keith,thank you so much for sharing that… Fascinating to see it without the trees and surrounding buildings. It’s very built up around it now, and whilst it looks grand, your early shots make it look quite majestic and starkly beautiful … Dubai is a very different place now!

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      • Thanks, Vicky. I was there from 1977 to 1982, working on the construction of the Jebel Ali harbour. Our city office was on the 33rd floor of the World Trade Centre, then the highest occupiable floor of what was at the time the tallest building in the UAE.


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