Thursday Doors: In Jaffna….

Jaffna, capital of the Northern province of Sri Lanka, has been a contested city since 1619. The more recent civil war was not considered as ending until 2009.

Visiting in July 2015, it’s obvious the rebuilding of the ravaged region is still continuing and will for a long time. Not a top of most people’s list as a tourist destination to visit, but as always somewhere off the beaten track lures me into its web. 

My journey around the north and west of my favourite island can be found here but, for today, it’s a doorway in Jaffna.

Since I joined this weekly challenge I realised my current location in the Middle East and my travel choices are sadly lacking in those huge, solid doors that I see from other posters and I wistfully view their weekly posts with some envy . Realistically, in these hot climates, apart from the doors and gates of the castles and forts of olden days, there to repel marauders, there was no need for solid doors .

But these challenges are about what you see, wherever you are, so here is a lovely old colonial house I came across on one of Jaffna’s lagoon islands.

Noticing the beautiful design of the elephants on the doorway as I passed made me do a stop-reverse-snap and that was before I joined WordPress!!

Aren’t they just splendid….



Joining into this weeks Thursday doors hosted by Norm…pop in to join in the fun….

8 comments on “Thursday Doors: In Jaffna….

  1. They are splendid. I enjoy seeing unusual doors. As an American, we don’t have much in the way of old, much in the way of unusual, so please know, I love seeing doors from faraway lands 🙂
    I doubt anyone here has stone elephants posed as pillars!


    • If you were taking the road out of Jaffna, across the lagoon islands to the Hindu shrine which requires a boat ride to the island, then, yes, you would have seen them…they were pretty cool elephant door supports…I don’t think they will last too long though,sadly…..Glad I caught them!

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