One Word Photo Challenge: Camel

Trawling through my Reader, I came across One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells .

Intrigued I went off to look and well… given my location and the theme for this week being “Camel” and the fact that I take rather a lot of camel photos, I just had to join in….






One Word Photo Challenge: Camel

11 comments on “One Word Photo Challenge: Camel

  1. The face closeup, well, it changes everything, doesn’t it? Camels could rival cat videos! But it broke my heart to see that camel bungie-corded to the truck. How uncomfortable for those poor animals. Then, I had to wonder what’s up with those race robots. Do they actually drive the camels somehow?

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    • Thankyou SO much Susan for your lovely comments,I’m so glad you enjoy my posts and yes..I’ll keep on sharing. When I have such a wonderful reaction it keeps me posting 🙂

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