Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

My entry for this week’s photo challenge comes from England, featuring some 14th-century clock faces with beautiful numerals…

The Wells Cathedral clock is an astronomical clock in the north transept of Wells Cathedral, England. The clock is one of a group of famous 14th to 16th-century astronomical clocks to be found in the West of England. The surviving mechanism, dated to between 1386 and 1392, was replaced in the 19th century and was eventually moved to the Science Museum in London, where it continues to operate. The dial represents the geocentric view of the universe, with sun and moon revolving around a central fixed earth. It may be unique in showing a philosophical model of the pre-Copernican universe.


Another dial is mounted on the outside wall, driven by the same mechanism. This was first installed in the 14th or 15th-centuries but has been restored a number of times.



Information courtesy of Wiki



14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

    • Thanks, yes, yes do go back, I re-visited museums (British etc) this past week in Uk and I was just enthralled….Maybe it’s my age, but I just walked around in wonder. When I first went I was far too young to appreciate the ingenuity, the beauty etc, plus the walking lost kilos 🙂


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    • Thank you, Nomad, they were striking and unique and when i did the Google search I understood how precious my visit was as they really are part of history and still there….wonderful huh…I’m always in awe of mechanisms that stand time…

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  3. Interesting old clocks. Wonderful photos. This is why I love the photo challenge. We get to learn about other locations around the world. If we can all enjoy our differences and learn to appreciate one another then this can spread throughout the world. Love and Light!

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    • Yes, i agree, it’s so educational to see world wide posts..it just makes me want to go here, there and everywhere! But we all learn so much from this sharing..such fun, thanks so for much for your comment…

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