Thursday Doors: 16/6/16

Magnificent doors at the imposing Wells cathedral in Somerset, Great Britain. Built between 1175 and 1490, it is a wonderful place to visit. 

It’s the sort of architecture that leaves you in awe when you consider the time it was built and you wonder at the dedication of the architects, workers, builders, masons who all created this magnificent place of worship.The doors are just wonderful……

Joining into Norm’s weekly Thursday Doors challenge… pop over and check out this week’s doors….

15 comments on “Thursday Doors: 16/6/16

    • Yes, I think so, you brought the memory back to me, Google search links to Wells, but too much to wade through tonight… thanks for that trip back into a school history lesson memory..once I find it, I’ll confirm….

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    • Glad you enjoyed it Norm, it was absolutely a wonderful visit, suspect I will do a Well’s post one day, the town, the cathedral, the cloisters, chapters and the architecture of the surrounding town were just incredible. I felt so lucky I had the chance to visit such an amazing part of Britain’s history… not something I will forget, it was awesome…

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    • Thanks, Jean, really, phew, the whole place was incredible, I’ll do a whole post on the town and cathedral soon, I was awed by the architecture in relation to the century, Britain at its heritage best !! Just stunning, what a place to visit…

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  1. Yes, I do often wonder about the workers who built such structures, as well as the architects. I imagine conversations, the sounds of hammers and men calling to one another, before cell phones and walkie talkies. And I wonder how many men died during construction. Such buildings never fail to inspire awe. Wonderful photos. Totally draw me in.

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    • Yes, yes Kathyrn and thank you for your comment .. I’m awestruck by the era and the creation without our modern tools, I walk around and wonder “How long”,”How, how”, it’s awe-inspiring to think how all of this was created in that century… it’s the most magnificent place, I was kind of overwhelmed by the antiquity of it all… just beautiful, so glad I’ve had the chance to see it…

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  2. It is amazing to see and realize that centuries old architecture, which were mostly by human power rather than machine power, fights against harshness of time for so long whereas our modern architecture, which are marvel of machine power, fails to do so.
    Very nice captures these are, Vicky 🙂


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