Thursday Doors: 23/6/16

Driving up the coast of Oman from Shannah to Sur in the aftermath of a major storm early May, the small towns along the coastal road are weatherbeaten, fishing towns.

Many hundreds of miles from main centres, (Muscat is an 8-hour drive from here) the pace of life is slow and traditional.

Traditionally doors in Oman are of the metal type, with simple embellishments, check out the heart door, but occasionally you get a bit of variety….

I spend a lot of time being a car photographer on these long journeys, especially in these lands, but occasionally I get spotted!

Linking with Thursday Doors and the Discover challenge The Story Behind a Door

5 comments on “Thursday Doors: 23/6/16

  1. Thanks, Norm, I just love exploring and sharing…. this week’s door series is down to earth, not pretty, just interesting…faded, old, and a-typical of poorer coastal regions in Oman..seeing it as it is … but every so often there is a shot you have to share….The Doors theme allows me to do that…the region is unique, following themes gives me the opportunity to share what I see…


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