Skywatch Friday: 24/6/16…

Arriving home in Cyprus on 18/6/16, driving along the motorway to Paphos around mid-day, a column of smoke was visible in the distance for many miles.

I watched it on and off during the day, seeing there was a fire and thankful for myself that it was over the mountain, the temperature was 40, and windy, ideal conditions for a fire to spread.

This shot was taken at 7.15 pm, the fire was still raging in Argaka on the north-west coast. All day helicopters and planes flew overhead carrying water.

After a mammoth effort from the Cypriot fire services, RAF Akrotiri, and Israel, the fire was settled after 2 days. The link explains how the fire started…. Check out the heat in the sky…It was a Skywatch day….

Subsequent fires over the last few days in various areas of the island have resulted in the deaths of 2 members of the fire service. Blessings for those who lost their lives….

3 comments on “Skywatch Friday: 24/6/16…

  1. Thanks, it was a unique day but scary,
    Wondering whether the fire services could contain the fire… The forest is so precious, sadly there was loss of life too…


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