Cambodia: Angkor Wat, truly breath-taking…

Early in the morning, Angkor Wat beckoned, the reason for being in Cambodia.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, originally constructed as a Hindu temple for the Khmer empire, gradually transforming into a Buddhist temple toward the end of the 12th century, certainly time for me to visit. 

The day before, on a tuk-tuk ride, an offer to take us around Angkor was accepted, the guided bus tours didn’t appeal, and I just wanted to do it at my own pace. My driver was perfect, young, full of smiles, a reasonable command of English ( my Cambodian is nil apart from hello) and careful … a major plus factor when weaving amongst the coach and tuk-tuk traffic that snarls the roads into the site. Eased through the entry booths with his guidance, we were off tuk-tuking down the road, past the lake to the most famous temple.

The site is vast, weekly tickets are sold, we had but one day. Angkor Wat is actually only one of the temples, the main one, but the whole vast site is generically referred to by this name. I think I can only say my experience of visiting this temple complex was stunning.

I have visited archaeological sites before, but never anything as impressive and awe-inspiring as this.

Photographs are the only way to describe the day. Experience rating was an all-time high and an encounter that will remain with me forever. It truly is a place to see before you die….

Angkor information and history, courtesy of Unesco, Sacred sites and Wikipedia.

6 comments on “Cambodia: Angkor Wat, truly breath-taking…

  1. Thank you so much for letting me tuk-tuk along! This is probably my only chance to ever set eyes on those wonders. I’m glad they weren’t destroyed and saved to the world.

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  2. These photos are fantastic and remind me of how amazing Angkor Watt is. I loved Siem Reap and loved the Cambodian people and their gentle nature.


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