Thursday Doors: 7/7/16….

A very typical Cyprus door, note the high, round handles, operating an inner latch… you see these in mountain villages on the old houses…often a door to a courtyard entrance rather than a house, hence the solid wood structure.

Offset by pink bougainvillea, a traditional pot and some rather lovely stonework, I wouldn’t mind a set of these at my house!

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7 comments on “Thursday Doors: 7/7/16….

    • Yes Norm, the stonework is renovated really well. My house in Cyprus is an old village house but whilst renovating I didn’t have the option to turn it back to this beautiful work… mine was cemented with a mix of sea sand and mud, horse -hair and whatever else was available( some interesting stuff appeared during renovation)… so the walls were collapsing in … a labour of love to restore, but I can never get rid of the annual invasion of flying ants that nest in my walls, the rising damp and so on… but I wouldn’t change it , ever, it’s my home…!

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