Thursday Doors: 14/7/16

Back on Masirah island, Oman for a few days during the summer monsoon season. Re-visiting the usual haunts, time for a trip to the small settlement of Sur Masirah, a magnet for wave junkies. 

During summer there is normally a constant strong wind which is ideal for kite and windsurfers. Big waves are a result of the wind and  conditions are attractive for wave surfers. Kite and windsurfers can pick spots around the island according to their skill and the conditions they prefer.

The small settlement of Sur Masirah seems to be home to goat and camel farms, it doesn’t appear to be occupied permanently.

Imagine my surprise to find this door in the midst of the settlement….

Getting closer, great imagination adding this to the farm! What was behind the door, though? I don’t expect there was a herd of the endemic and elusive Masirah gazelle….

Out on the beach fishermen doing a wonderful balancing act on the waves….

Looking back to the calmer, aquamarine waters.

Right in the middle of the beach plain is the beach camp…

I think I may be past this sport, but it’s fun to watch….

Rules of the sport and environment…

Heading out, another door spotted, a quick reverse and turn…had to catch these….

Close up, yes, unique, carved doors with an arched inner entry door…

This panel remains a puzzle…

And finally, I just had to post the packing case shed… complete with door…

Joining into Thursday Doors, a little late…I’m blaming the wifi, or lack of !

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