Monday Window: 18/7/16

Adjacent to Muscat harbour, Oman, lies the Muttrah Souk, perhaps one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world. 

Arriving in Muscat, we headed straight for the souk. On a hot, humid July afternoon, sadly the souk was well and truly closed. A few stalls open in the humid environs inside the covered bazaar, it comes to life at night. It was not to be a shopping afternoon, no incense, pashminas or jewellery this time….on my next trip…

Along the corniche are some beautiful old houses, the designs taking you back to days of dhows sailing and trading around the Indian Ocean, pirates and the slave trade from Zanzibar. One of them caught my eye, or rather, the windows did….

It’s not often you see someone carrying a mattress on their head, large grins for my camera when spotted……


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Monday Window Home



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