Thursday Doors: 21/7/16

On the way to Masirah island, Oman to catch the ferry at Shannah port, invariably you pass through the small town of Mahout. 

A sleepy Omani town, hundreds of kilometres from any other sizeable town, it is a hub for the area. There is an ATM, supermarkets, a weekly morning market, hospital, schools, several garages and as usual, in any Omani small town, lines of businesses along the road, in and out of town.

Usually run-down, needing some freshening up, I found a set of shops which had been painted since my last visit and a very nice job of the doors had been made…..

I particularly liked the matching tyres at the Tyre shop….showing some design inspiration….

Shame this one didn’t have any hanging “electrion” to colour match the door symbols….

and photo-bombed by a friendly local…

On the other side, of the road, it looks a little dull in comparison… the”tyre puncher” possibly doubling as a gym!

Ah well, time to head off past the only trees around….

Down the sandy road to the ferry….there lies another tale….watch this space.

Taking part in Norm Frampton’s weekly Thursday Doors… pop on over to check out doors found this week….

9 comments on “Thursday Doors: 21/7/16

    • Thank you, Nichole.Sand blowing across the flats in Oman is always very beautiful and quite eerie too. I’ve just returned from a trip today and we had 100kms of it… post to be done soon!

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