July: The edible garden

Back in the desert, it’s not easy to find a subject for this month’s garden challenge. Heat and sand all around, not many edible gardens to find.

But last week, on a trip up Wadi Tiwi in Oman, I found a wadi full of date palms and farmers and I reckoned this might just fit… 

Wadi Tiwi is a spectacularly deep and narrow gorge carved out of the mountains, running between towering cliffs right down to the sea. About 5km up lies the picturesque village of Harat Bidah and  further up, along nerve-jangling roads with spectacular views, lies the village of Sayma. Date farms seem to be the reason for the existence of these villages. Electricity runs up to Sayma, but life lived here is a long, long way from the coastal plains, both in distance and conditions….

Let me drive you up the wadi to the date farms….



Taking part in Jude’s garden challenge for July- the Edible Garden



6 comments on “July: The edible garden

  1. Oh, wow, such wonderful photos. I love that blue door. Bit scary some of those roads, not to mention the steps! And harvesting the dates looks like very hard work. Thanks for sharing this Vicky. I love it 🙂

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  2. Thanks for those beautiful photos, I love dates, it is the first time I have ever seen a data tree. Now I want some and I don’t have any, will have to wait until I get my groceries next week.
    Yes, date scones for me, looking forward to them.
    Have a nice weekend.

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