Thursday Doors 28/7/16

Over the last couple of weeks, I enjoyed a mammoth 4,500km road trip around Oman. Travelling around this vast country, passing through places that are certainly off the tourist route, it was fascinating to see life in the remoter places. 

Tarmac roads started in Oman in the 1970’s, to date the road construction is incredible, but in the remoter areas, there is still work to be done. An internal airport network is now being acted on to ease internal communications and logistics, but for those out there in the vast Omani wilderness, life still moves at a much slower pace and traditions probably dictate life.

Al Ashkharah is the first large town on the coastal route, heading north from Masirah Island. It’s around a 160km drive from the ferry, crossing  the southern part of the Wahiba sands and coastal plains. There is only one small town with one petrol station around 90km from the ferry. You really need to be astute over fuelling options when driving in Oman, it’s one hell of a hot walk if you haven’t checked!

I found some wonderful doors on this trip, in fact so many that they will have to be drip-fed into the  weekly Thursday feature, but for today, I’m in Al Ashkharah snapping some old traditional wooden doors, sadly ravaged by the elements and time.

Heading into the one-horse town…

and just slowed to a halt outside these interesting doors…not sure they quite fit the space,  a bit of a gap underneath, but I’m loving the design…


Some with a similar design…..

But then I found this building wrecked by the ravages of the climate with just such interesting doors…


and left. They match, but the wind, sun, elements and lack of care have left them on their last legs. Someone designed them, carved them, but this is all that remains now …

Linking to Thursday Doors, come on over and check out some doors from all over the world, add yours, it’s such fun to see all the different doors each week ….


7 comments on “Thursday Doors 28/7/16

  1. Now…Al Ashkharah …shouldn’t that be one-camel town? Once in Oman, we found a beautiful old door that had washed up on the sand from the ocean. We actually hauled that thing home with us in the car


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