Monday Window: 1/8/16

From the city of Salalah in Southern Oman to the Yemen border, the road twists and turns through a series of hairpin bends, eventually climbing to the top of the escarpment, with towering cliffs plummeting down to the Indian ocean.

During monsoon a pervading mist hangs over the escarpment but every so often, when the road gets to about 1000 metres high, you pop out of the mist into bright, brilliant sunshine with incredible views and on this particular release into sunlight, even a small pink shelter perched on top of the mountain, with rather striking brickwork for the windows.

Such buildings and design are typical in Oman, used as shelters from the sun (sometimes rain, as this area receives a fair amount)  with the air bricks allowing for cool air in the heat of the day, although it’s the first pink one I’ve ever seen….

Taking part in Monday Window, a weekly event, pop over and join in the challenge….

Monday Window Home

Monday Window Home


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