Thursday Doors: 4/8/16

Returning to Omodos in Cyprus, a small village in the Troodos foothills, the narrow cobbled streets of the traditional village are perfect for a door hunter….. 




Joining into Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton… pop over and check doors from this week….

14 comments on “Thursday Doors: 4/8/16

    • Thanks, Georgie. The mountain villages are probably tidier than when you were here, EU money helped with renovations. My home is just outside Paphos in Konia village. A sleepy bywater when I renovated my house, now quite developed. I have an old village house in the centre, love it!

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  1. … but before I got to the colourful pots, I really liked the second photo. I don’t know whether it’s the Socrates sign or the golden wooden door with the knob handles high on the door … this is inviting.

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