Doing Dubai…. Deira Fish market.

The areas of Deira, Naif, Shindaga, Bur Dubai and Dubai Creek make up historical Dubai. Dhows ply the seas from Dubai to Iran, Pakistan and India. This is the hub from where the original sea-faring entrepreneur’s found their trading niche in this region. 

Today, this trade continues. The Dhows still moor alongside the creek, loading diverse goods for the long journey by sea, through the Hormuz straights to the sea ports in Iran, crossing the Gulf of Oman to ply their wares along the Baluchistan coast and heading further over to Pakistan and India.

To get to the Fish market, you can pass by Fish Roundabout...

To get to the Fish market, you can pass by Fish Roundabout…

But my day started at Deira Fish market. A chance conversation with a fisherman on Masirah island late last year, a gift of fish for my barbecue, the story that all his daily catch would be sold in Dubai at Deira market the following day ( It is a 10 hour drive in a lorry at least) caught my interest, I wanted to go to Dubai’s famous fish market for myself…


Arriving at 9.30am, it was buzzing, the market is huge, a massive warehouse, open sided, conjoining with the vegetable market, stall after stall of every type of fish and shellfish, the noise level is high, the bidding is fast, the interaction is irresistible…

For anyone spending  time in Dubai, a visit to Deira fish market  is a great place to add to the trip list, wandering around, people and fish watching. An Emirati told me the best time to come was during 1 am to 4 am, the fish is being delivered and auctioned. Maybe one sleepless night I’ll head on down!

In the same complex, fruit, vegetables, dates, nuts, rice, and many other commodities are sold. It’s a one-stop souk for food…



11 comments on “Doing Dubai…. Deira Fish market.

  1. Some really great shots! Normal everyday activity elevated to the profound by its ordinariness. Reminds me of the Pike’s Seafood market in Seattle, though I have never been. But a great reminder of all we have in common.
    Took a zoomed in view to make out the crabs. ☺

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment, I love fish markets, so much color and fish definition! I try to visit the fish market anywhere I go, I still have quite a lot of Asian fish markets( which are amazing) to post!

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