11 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning #4

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  3. Amazing photo! Just spectacular, the juxtaposition of the buildings above the mist. Looks like a city on a cloud.
    I so envy your travels in the MidEast. I have had an almost lifelong interest in archaeology, sparked by reading at age 13 about Tutankhamun which has led to reading about other countries in that region of the world. As an adult I have been fortunate to travel many places, like you, to the Eastern Asian countries, although not the same ones. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, even venturing for a day into China itself. All back in the ’80s. On that trip, the nearest I came to the Middle East was a runway stop in Dhahran, enroute to Frankfurt. I’ve travelled a few times to Europe, and into Hungary before and after the Communist regime. To Italy and Austria, Germany and to London. And many many trips closer to home in Ontario, Canada: to the USA and to Mexico several times. BUT most of it before the rise of the digital camera, and many of my photos are faded and blurred to dull brown tones.


    • Thank you for commenting and following my travels. You have had some interesting and fascinating travel especially back in the 80’s when the countries you were visiting were potentially more third world than now. I understand your regret over your photo records… I have the same with the ones of my children’s early days. As a byword on that, I have recently downloaded an app for my iPhone called Photomyne which is specifically for photographing and storing and editing old photographs…just in case! The Middle East, namely UAE & Oman has been such a pleasure to live, work and travel in.I’ve had such a wonderful discovering the countries and shores, spurred on by my shell collecting hobby. I’ve been very lucky and have tried to make the most of every opportunity as my time there is finite and I know I’ll miss it once I’ve moved on.


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